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Paul White
White's Photography
5518 Piping Rock Dr.
Abilene, TX
Custom Remodeling
(325) 673-0127
1497 Peach St
Abilene, TX
Don Estes Construction
(325) 668-2140
3938 S 20th St
Abilene, TX
Deanda'S Painting
(325) 672-5415
1925 Ambler Ave
Abilene, TX
Palm Harbor Homes
(325) 676-9700
3301 Hickory St.
Abilene , TX
Robert'S Repair
(325) 660-2618
PO Box 641
Abilene, TX
Adams Remodeling
(325) 692-4787
4542 Loop 322
Abilene, TX
Eddie Pope Construction
(325) 518-5981
141 Clyde St Ste C
Abilene, TX
Rick'S Construction
(325) 672-8549
1101 S 15th St
Abilene, TX
Home Depo
(325) 690-1032
4590 Southwest Dr
Abilene, TX

Signs of a Good Remodeler

Stack the favors in your odds. Take a look at our list of signs of a good remodeler and know what to look for in choosing your next remodeler.

Returns your first or second calls.

Shows up promptly at your first meeting.

A well-organized work site with workers moving like they know what they are doing.

A licensed, bonded or registered business, when law requires it.∗

Note: ∗Call the building department in your local jurisdiction to find out the exact city, county, and state requirements and verify the appropriate licensing of your candidates.

Proof of insurance. The remodeler supplies you with a certificate of insurance indicating the company has sufficient general liability and workers' compensation insurance. The remodeler also has coverage against theft of any materials delivered to the job site but not yet installed. 

A business address to confirm their permanence. It could be an office, or, as often is the case, a home office.

Does not mind you asking for a credit report, that you can obtain easily from your local banker.

After contacting a list of suppliers and trade contractors the remodeler has worked with, you determine he or she manages business responsibly, pays trade contractors and suppliers on time, and that the business has a good reputation in the building community.

After calling the Better Business Bureau and your local consumer affairs office to check the company for consumer complaints, you determine the remodelers are honest advertisers and sellers with few complaints. If your favorite remodeler has a complaint, it was address quickly and to the client's satisfaction — a sign of professionalism.

Committed to fulfilling your desires.

The homeowners he or she has worked for in the past testify this remodeler provided excellent value and delivered high quality works.

Provides a contact price you can afford. Remodeling team makes and effort to keep prices down by "engineering"...

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